Your Guide To The Arts In Atlanta

Canton painter Steve Lester has been named one of 16 Clark Hulings Fund Art-Business Accelerator fellows for 2019. The competitive fellowship goes to American artists eager to take an online post-graduate-level course and become self-sustaining entrepreneurs for their own art.

“I have an insatiable curiosity and embrace life with a passion, fascination and wonder,” Lester says in a statement on his website. “I see with my heart, paint with my hands and often break the rules.”

Lester spent four decades working as a commercial sports illustrator, advertising art director and creative director. A few years before his recent retirement, he began focusing on his own paintings. His sports background led to projects for the Georgia State University Stadium, REI Co-op and the American Sports Art Museum.

The Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists, a nonprofit founded in 2013, is run by leaders with diverse skills and expertise in education, business, media and the arts.

Placid Kayakers, acrylic on paper (Courtesy of the artist)