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ArtsATL is thrilled to announce their collaboration in a monthly t-shirt series with Fallen Arrows and Alternative Apparel. The limited edition t-shirts will feature exclusive designs from Atlanta-based artists curated by ArtsATL. “I’m very excited to see this project get up and running because it’s been an idea we’ve had at Fallen Arrows for some time,” says co-owner of Fallen Arrows, Andrew Bellury. “We just needed the right partners to help make it a reality.”

Each month will offer a new t-shirt style from an Atlanta-based artist. Alternative Apparel is supplying the blank garments, and Fallen Arrows will create a limited print run of each t-shirt. The t-shirts will be available for purchase on Alternative Apparel’s website on the first of each month.

“As a company rooted in Atlanta, Alternative Apparel loves finding ways to collaborate with other Atlanta-based brands,” says director of retail and e-commerce at Alternative Apparel, Estela Brill. “We are very excited to work together with ArtsATL and Fallen Arrows on this partnership. We are committed to supporting local artists and help provide a platform to share their artwork and creative designs.”

The participating Atlanta-based artists draw on their variety of backgrounds, viewpoints and mediums in creating their designs for A. Tee. L. The collaborative series offers an avenue to promote Atlanta’s visual artists through a mobile lens and allows their work to be enjoyed by a broader audience. Starting out, the t-shirts will feature designs from one artist each month. The project is intent on sharing the important works from Atlanta community’s creators through a new canvas.

“We are excited to collaborate with Fallen Arrows and Alternative Apparel to highlight this fantastic group of Atlanta artists,” says ArtsATL executive director Susannah Darrow. “The artists we have invited to participate highlight a diverse mix of mediums, perspectives and styles that represent some of the best work being made in Atlanta today.”

For the upcoming year, the A. Tee. L series will feature the following confirmed artists:

Andrew Catanese

Ann-Marie Manker

Caomin Xie

Eric Mack

Esteban Patiño

Fahamu Pecou

In Kyoung Chun

Jaeyoun Shin

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