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The Forward Arts Foundation has selected Andrew Boatright as the 2017–18 winner of its annual Emerging Artist Award. The artist will receive $10,000 and a solo show at the Swan Coach House Gallery.

“I am honored by the generosity of the Forward Arts Foundation and Swan Coach House Gallery,” said Boatright. “This award has a profound impact on emerging artists like myself. In addition to the prestige of being selected, the generous funds and the opportunity to hold a solo show serve as a much-appreciated affirmation of my work. It is such an encouragement to know that there are people in Atlanta who value and want to support artists like myself. I am grateful to the Forward Arts Foundation for this amazing opportunity.”

The four other finalists, each of whom will receive $2,000, are David Armistead, Wihro Kim, Julianne Trew, and Vanessa Brook Williams.

The foundation inaugurated this award in 1999. It continues to serve as an important leg-up and recognition for emerging artists.

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