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Preview: Le Flash-Atlanta grows up, returns in October with more than 60 projects

Le Flash-Atlanta, an evening of art and merriment which debuted last year, will return October 2 as an even larger extravaganza.

Thanks to a $40,000 grant from an anonymous donor, the event will encompass more than 60 projects. It will be ACP’s kickoff event. Stuart Keeler, one of our more entrepreneurial artists, and former Atlanta curator Cathy Byrd founded the event and remain chief curators.

Asked for a preview, Keeler writes: “Justin Cooper will ‘interrogate a plant,’ Fahamu Pecou and Michael Reese are creating a viewmaster light sculpture, Steve Aishman is creating an interactive piece with light, video and a car! There will be acrobats, fire eaters, opera singers and progressive moving performances all based on/centered on investigating light.”

And fresh from the boffo “rapt,” the multidisciplinary performance at the Woodruff Arts Center, choreographer Lauri Stallings is joining the ranks as well.

Le Flash is going to become an official non-profit organization to facilitate getting more grant support. But Keeler, wary of institutionalization, vows that it will keep its experimental edge. His ultimate goal: a 24-hour, citywide art celebration.