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Editor’s note: Atlanta’s artists face uncertainty in this age of coronavirus. To help us all connect, we offer this new series: “In Our Own Words.” In each post, an artist will share their experience, strength and hope as they navigate a new normal.


It went down really quickly. We were on the West Coast and they were talking about theaters limiting capacity to 250. I thought, that’s going to look bad in a big building. That Thursday, everything was looking OK. Then on Friday, they told us to come home. We had to drive 37 hours back to Atlanta. I’ve done some long drives in my time, but that one takes the cake.

We were the last blues group on the road. We played the last show in Reno that Sunday and it was like something out of The Lord of the Flies. The audience knew it’d be the last concert for a while, and they were crazy, whooping it up and dancing. The timing was terrible. My new album [Ice Cream in Hell] has been in the Billboard blues chart Top 10 for eight weeks in a row, and we were on the road to promote it. We had 30 shows to go on that tour, and we’ve rescheduled them for September and October. Blues bands, we’re very much shoestring operations, so we’ll manage. I hope when things get back to normal, people will be ready to go out. There’ll be cabin fever. Live entertainment will be one of the first things to come back. We can react quickly, get in a van and drive. Sports teams can’t do that.

Today is actually the first day where I feel I’m recovered from that drive. I got up, went downstairs, fired up my recording equipment and started to record my next album. Someone said to look at all the good stuff that will come out of this. People are meeting up on Zoom and new technologies will be developed. There will be an upside to it. But it’s definitely something I’ve never seen in my lifetime. I’ll have time to practice my instrument and write songs. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck.


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