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Editor’s note: Atlanta’s artists face uncertainty in this age of coronavirus. To help us all connect, we offer this new series: “In Our Own Words.” In each post, an artist will share their experience, strength and hope as they navigate a new normal.


That Thursday and Friday, there was the palpable sense things had changed. That this is going to be concrete and we don’t know how things are going to change. It’s forcing us all to say what can we do? What matters? 

With Immerse, I’ve been giving them tasks. They range from taking a walk outside to improvising dance movement with a playlist I made on Spotify. It was 58 minutes long, so it was called “58 Minutes.” I did it too. I went into my bedroom and danced for 58 minutes. I think I finally understand what it means to have a full-on dance party in your room [laughs]. With staibdance, we’re in a holding pattern. We were going to tour. We also have a summer program in Italy and it’s a much more dire situation there than we’d imagined. 

My natural way of operating, I’m really gung-ho. I’ve got to get out there and make it possible, even if it’s not. In moments like this, that doesn’t work. You have to open your hands, release the bird and let it do what it’s going to do. I was talking to Sue Schroeder [co-founder of Core Dance] and she was saying you can take a two-hour walk and let your thoughts collide and run free. This is an opportunity for being still and quiet, and simply letting go. You don’t rely on yourself as much. You have to rely on others. You see what empathy looks like. Even though we’re in the midst of something terrifying, we’ve been gifted with a pause in life.


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