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Editor’s note: Atlanta artists face uncertainty amid Covid-19. To help us all connect, ArtsATL offers this series. In each “In Our Own Words,” an artist will share their experience, strength and hope as we all navigate a new normal.


The strangest part of it, my mom is in her 70s and I run and get groceries for her and we have to do virtual hugs on the driveway. Until they create a vaccine, I don’t see a way out of it. Tara and I are both introverts and we’re happy being locked into the house (Guay’s girlfriend is Tara Lee, cofounder of Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre). In a way, it’s beautiful because we’ve never had time to do things like go for long walks with our dogs.

Tara’s dad was sick in January and went into the hospital with a fever for two weeks. We went to see him and we now think he had the coronavirus. We were in Connecticut helping out her parents and when we were driving back, the whole world changed. I had all these jobs lined up and thankfully I closed a few of them before we left. But jobs were falling through and I knew a landslide was coming. It was very scary. My heart was hurting over what was going to happen to people working day to day or week to week.

I think Georgia’s made a giant mistake. We’re the first to open up and it’s random things that didn’t need to be open. But that’s also the largest group that would be filing for unemployment, so there’s a political aspect to it. It’s almost opened up the flood gates that it’s over and everything’s good. I go to the grocery store or to get gas, and people aren’t wearing masks. The next three or four weeks, we’re going to see what the deal is with opening things up and what happens from that. We’re a very advanced country and we’re doing nothing to advance knowledge. It’s the times we live in, the time of complaints, not solutions.


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