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Doug Pisik

In Our Own Words: Doug Pisik, visual artist who works with wood

Doug Pisik specializes in wood sculpture, 3-D wall pieces and intricate art boxes. His work has been seen in numerous exhibitions and is collected in the United States, Europe and Israel. It can be found at the High Museum of Art store; Robert Kent Galleries in Marietta; the Wow! Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico; the De Stijl Art Gallery in Rustin, Florida; and online. Pisik’s work is part of The Four Elements exhibition on view through June 20 at the Marietta Cobb Art Museum.


The past 12 months had a significant impact on my work as an artist. I love interacting with clients and collectors. I gain energy and inspiration talking to people. I enjoy listening to what they say about the art they see. I thrive on watching the emotion in their eyes when they observe new works. The pandemic has removed much of this personal interaction. As such, I started gaining new inspiration from the forces occurring around me. 

I know we will get through these difficult times. I’ve adapted both with my interactions and my art. After all, adjusting to the change around us is how we thrive and succeed. The shutdown had its advantages. In 2019 I collaborated with master glass artist Robert G. Burch to create glass and wood sculptures. We still had unfinished pieces, and I recently had time to finish many of these works. Several will be on display at the museum. I spent weeks on one of the pieces, experimenting with new materials. The result is a wood-and-glass piece that appears to be floating in the air while anchored with ropes.

When I saw how much everything changed for every individual over the past year, I felt a need to express this in my art. This led to Art for Our Unusual Times, a collection of sculptural works. They focus on the pandemic’s impact on our bodies, our minds, society and our response to the virus. Because of the shutdowns, I made this a virtual exhibition on my website available to everyone. My favorite piece, The Cure, looks like a virus being smashed to bits by a giant hammer, all sculpted from wood. My Angel Breath depicts a heart with lungs that invoke the image of love with angel wings. The feeling of “having a hole in my heart” in response to the pandemic is literally represented. I’m proud of this piece as it challenged me both as an artist and as an individual.