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There’s a review in today’s AJC  of the Atlanta Symphony’s Saturday night concert in Alpharetta, brightened by an excellent Finnish pianist, Juho Pohjonen, who was making his ASO debut. The concert was devoted to music by Beethoven, who mostly failed to roll over.

But the real focus of the article is “rapt,” a site-specific multimedia dance event by the innovative forces of gloATL. During the performance, it felt entirely fresh, like a cultural watershed moment. Dancers came from all directions, and it was a mild shock to realize that “rapt” was unfolding on different planes of reality and that you couldn’t take in everything in one view.
The AJC review was shortened significantly from what I wrote. Lost in the edit was this:

“Although ‘rapt’ felt entirely new, this wasn’t the first important site-specific dance event in the metro area: some years ago, a dance company commandeered Decatur’s courthouse square and MARTA station. Yet that show is, at best, a hazy memory. As typically happens in Atlanta, we never seem to get past these promising inaugural moments. Recall that every day is an opening day in Atlanta, and we rarely push onward to days two and three.”

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