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Emory announces award for “significant impact in the arts”

The arts are booming in and around Atlanta, but the local arts community often feels that its visibility to the wider public — and even between disciplines — is frustratingly low.

Thus the Emory College Center for Creativity & Arts Awards, just announced, are intended to recognize “significant contributions” in the arts and creativity in Fulton and DeKalb counties and on the Emory University campus.

The CCA Awards come in six categories:

  • Community Impact (open to Fulton and DeKalb County residents and workers)
  • Emory University Faculty
  • Emory University and Healthcare Staff
  • Emory University Alumni
  • Emory University Student
  • Emory University Arts Volunteer

The award nominations are open to the public, although you can’t nominate yourself. The Community Impact Award is obviously the one with the potential to make the biggest splash across Atlanta’s arts community.

In an email message, Emory CCA’s Sally Corbett wrote, “In speaking to arts leaders and community members as the CCA considered establishing an award, we found agreement that the arts needed more opportunities for recognition in metro Atlanta.

“In particular we learned that there is a need for more recognition of community-based, grass-roots and public art activity. People working, creating and volunteering in those areas and other areas can be nominated for the Community Impact Award.

“The description for the Community Impact Award criteria follows: Recognizes significant impact in the arts either as an artist, administrator, educator, activist or supporter in any or all artistic disciplines. Recipients can come from any realm of the arts — from grass-roots community engagement to broad-based activity. This award is only open to groups or individuals who have worked or resided in DeKalb or Fulton County, Georgia.”

The main Emory Center for Creativity & Arts website is a good place to start. Nominations are due by 4 p.m. August 20, and there will be a soiree and awards presentation on September 10.