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Wickedly imaginative and aleatory music will fill the Bakery on January 17 at A Noise Rager for the Record Books, courtesy of Face of Knives Productions. The lineup features a mix of homegrown and touring artists whose DNA contains traces of experimental, electronic, industrial and underground chromosomes — all of which can be traced back to the 1960s.

On the local front, Valentina Tapia (one half of Big Ded with Alessandra Hoshor) performs drone and ambient songs in a rare solo appearance under the moniker Celines. Athens-based Monique Osorio brings her extraordinary voice, keys and compositions to the stage, and amplified tuba wizard Bill Pritchard (Three Way Mirror) joins synthesizer wrangler Colin Bragg (Sataraš Quartet) in a recently developed duo called Åndedyr, a Norwegian word meaning spirit animals.

On the touring side, Cloning, a solo project from Dana Matthiessen (White Suns), promises electronic noise-thrashing infused with punk sensibility, while Bromp Treb (nom du art of Massachusetts native Neil Cloaca Young) shoulders the legacy of wholly improvised sound manipulation using tape, percussion and vocal effects.

“People often hear noise and presume they are in store for a monotonous sound wall,” says Daniel DeSimone, who co-founded Face of Knives in 2017. “In reality, the non-definition of the genre opens the door for endless, exciting and unpredictable nuance.”

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