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Notable events in the week ahead:

Wednesday, October 28. Art Papers Live! hosts inventor, engineer, artist and aesthetic activist Natalie Jeremijenko (left), whose projects attack environmental issues in astoundingly imaginative ways. Hint: wrestling rhinoceroses, beetles, texting fish, digesting oil, feral robotic dogs…. Co-sponsored by Emory University’s Visual Arts Department and Gallery. 7 p.m., White Hall, Emory University.


Through October 31. Last chance to experience “Momentary Performances.” Lee Walton blurs the boundaries of life and theater in performances he has choreographed around town and described for you in a sign on a nearby building. Sponsored by Flux Projects, these actions occur regularly at designated spots. See the schedule for a non-event event near you.

Monday, November 1. Three films by landscape architect and filmmaker Evan Mather: “39-A,” “Image of the City” and “A Necessary Ruin.” In the last, Mather chronicles the design, construction and demise of the 1958 Union Tank Car Dome in Baton Rouge, La., the first Buckminster Fuller-style large-scale geodesic dome. Sam Lubell writes in The Architectural Newspaper: “Mather manages not only to make engineering sexy and preservation politics compelling, but succinctly tells the tale of one of the most tragic architectural plunderings in recent memory.” Co-sponsored by Georgia Tech’s College of Architecture and DOCOMOMO. 6 p.m., Auditorium, Georgia Tech Architecture Building.

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