Your Guide To The Arts In Atlanta


ArtsATL is throwing two parties on Friday, April 19.  The first party is “Cocktails and Critics” from 6-8 p.m.  at JCT. Bar, upstairs from JCT. Kitchen.  Enjoy food, drinks and conversation with some of ArtsATL’s writers.  Tickets are $150.  The second party, held at The Goat Farm Arts Center from 8-11 p.m., is “Artistic License.”  Atlanta artists will test new ideas in the context of a seamless sensory experience.  Tickets are $30.  Artists and Students may purchase tickets at a discounted price of $15.  [Note: Each "Cocktails and Critics” ticket includes a ticket and shuttle to "Artistic License.”]

Come to both, come to one or the other, but please join us! Click here for tickets.  Visit the event Facebook page for info and event updates.

Artists participating in “Artistic License”:

Iron Jayne: A new band formed by Emily Kempf, formerly of the Back Pockets. “A driving force on the underground music scene,” says Paste magazine.

Bojanna Ginn, installation detail

Bojana Ginn installation detail.

Bojana Ginn: A former physician, Ginn explores the intersection of  science and art in an installation and multiple projections on the floor, ceiling, walls and places you’d never expect.

Mike Stasny: A totemic array of giant hovering panels featuring his signature surrealist images. Made for this event, they continue a series he began in St. Louis but has not shown in Atlanta.

Michael Haverty and 7 Stages Theatre: A shadow play based on the fantasy adventure “The Navigator,” using live silhouettes, shadows and animation, mirrors, reflective fabric and multiple light sources. A preview of the full production coming to the Goat Farm later this year.

Drawers determine what you see in"HIDDEN AWAY"

Drawers determine what you see in “HIDDEN AWAY.”

“HIDDEN AWAY, the library at night”: Nicole Livieratos and Phillip DePoy present this movement and theatrical piece, to be performed for only two people at a time. Expect movement, poetry, sound, risk and possibly some chewing gum. Created in partnership with and produced with the Lucky Penny, the full-length piece will debut at the DeKalb County Library later this year.