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Atlanta’s Office of Cultural Affairs has announced the names of the artists who will participate in “Elevate: Art Above Underground,” a two-month public art festival co-sponsored by Underground Atlanta.

The work, by design, will be wide-ranging, encompassing murals, sculptures, theatrical and dance performances and performance art. Many pieces will invite audience participation. Others reflect the growing interest in cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Lelavision's "The Warm Pond" is inspired by the double helix of DNA.

Lelavision, a group based in Washington state, which is working with Emory University scientists on issues concerning alternative energy, will present kinetic, performable sound sculptures. (An example is at left.) Atlanta artist Lisa Tuttle is collaborating with Atlanta poet Alice Lovelace on a piece about Harriet Tubman. Atlanta artist Fahamu Pecou will create the Rising Sun Lounge, a place for artists, musicians and the public to interact.

This ambitious project, budgeted at $100,000, doubles as a development strategy, intended to draw visitors to the Underground area.

The complete list: 2 Kids and a Dream, Richard Arnold, Lillian Blades, Chris Chambers, Carlos Eguiguren, Sarah Emerson, Escif, Lelavision, Living Walls, LNY, Alice Lovelace, Ola Bad, Fahamu Pecou, Allison Rentz, Sam3, Sunday Southern Art Revival, Nathan Sharratt, Deanna Sirlin, Priscilla Smith, Ruth Stanford, Théatre du Rêve, Lisa Tuttle, Valeria Yamamoto, Edward Wenzer, Martha Whittington and WonderRoot.


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