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Virginie Kippelen

Review: “EBOLA: People + Public Health + Political Will” articulates the prevention of an epidemic

At the peak of the Ebola epidemic in the fall of 2014, rumors that the deadly virus could spread uncontrollably were running wild. Atlanta itself was at the epicenter of a media frenzy, after two American healthcare workers who had been treating patients in Liberia were admitted to Emory University Hospital that August. The epidemic incited fear, confusion and national insecurity....

Review: Walker Evans’ retrospective is as iconic and remarkable as ever

A major retrospective of Walker Evans, one of the most influential documentary photographers of the 20th century, is currently on view at the High Museum. Its opening on June 11 concurred with that of The Rise of Sneaker Culture, an exhibit showcasing a spectacular display of 150 sneakers, among them some of the hottest shoes from private collections....