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Rebecca Brantley

Review: “The Translated Mark” explores repetition, technical innovation and communication

The Translated Mark at Whitespace, on view through March 25, coincides with the SGC International Atlanta Print Conference in Atlanta. The five featured artists refer to printmaking processes in their work—some adhering to traditional methods, others straying from conventional techniques. A printmaker’s love of line, pattern, and grayscale ties the disparate artists to one another....

Review: Despite an abundance of objects, Lillian Blades’ work is far from chaotic

I recently visited September Gray’s Old Fourth Ward location — a relatively new addition to Atlanta’s gallery scene — on a sunny afternoon to see Lillian Blades’ Fractal Reflections (on view through October 21). I had the good fortune of running into the artist herself, who was manning the gallery and playing upbeat music as she worked on a new piece. Blades, a native of Nassau, Bahamas, and a longtime resident of Atlanta, offered to turn the music off, but I declined. It was pleasant and energetic, much like her collection of wall hangings....