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As the Covid-19 pandemic enters its third month of restrictions, parents can feel that they’ve run out of options for keeping the spirits up of their kids and make every day feel less like Groundhog Day. 

Last month, we combed the Internet to find virtual Artful Escapes for your children that still support Atlanta institutions and businesses. This month, we offer parents even more alternatives.

The High Museum of Art

Just click the “Stay Connected” tab on the High Museum of Art’s website to uncover an abundance of educational resources for all grade levels. 

Help yourself to a heap of inspiration via a drawing prompt inspired by Molly Hatch’s stunning “plate paintings.” 

Allow Meg Williams, coordinator of school and teacher services, and Melissa Katzin, manager of family programs, to help you up your Insta game. Get the kids to practice how to take a perfect photograph by learning the difference between constructed and candid portraits. Then help them make a homemade viewfinder, toss them your phone and see what magic they capture. You’ll be surprised, I promise.   

Don’t forget to download some coloring pages of iconic museum favorites like Jaime Hayon’s Green Chicken or Roy Lichtenstein’s House III while you’re on the website and save them for a rainy day.   

Artful Escape with folk artist Howard Finster's Paradise Garden.Howard Finster’s Paradise Garden 

We can’t go frolic in Howard Finster’s Paradise Garden just yet, but we can bring some of the wonder and whimsy to our homes, courtesy of the Paradise Garden Foundation. 

Lesson plans for third- to 12th-grade students are available online for fans of Finster’s folk art. Create pop culture portraits inspired by the artists’ renderings of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Hank Williams. Teach your children a lesson in artistic environmentalism as they explore “upcycling” and create work with discarded items at home. You’ll also score yourself some dinnertime conversation starters with a few prompts about Finster’s work that could stir anyone’s curiosity.

Indie Craft Experience summer camp

The Indie Craft Experience summer camps are typically held in the quaint ICE headquarters behind the big blue door in Candler Park. Not this year. Art enthusiasts, educators and business partners Christy Bardis Peterson and Shannon Mulkey Green have pivoted their crafty platform to provide your child with a whole summer of fun. If you can’t wait until the official start dates to get your drawing on, download some crafty coloring pages of past designs by local artists for a welcome warmup to the main attraction. 

Artful Escape includes Indie Craft Experience summer camps.

The Indie Craft Experience summer camps will be held online.

Atlanta–Fulton Public Library

Don’t forget that your library card can be the equivalent of the wardrobe to Narnia, unlocking a world of e-books for voracious young readers even though the doors to your branch are closed.  

At 11 a.m. Monday–Friday, members of the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library staff are cheerfully reading such classic stories as Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar on Facebook Live.

Tell your teens to tune into the Fulton County Library System’s Instagram TV for “All Booked Up,” which celebrates the best teen reads of today.

If you don’t live in Fulton County, make sure that you check out your local library’s website and Facebook pages to see what curated content your kids could be enjoying. 

Atlanta Contemporary

“Serving looks and reading books,” Miss Terra Cotta Sugarbaker is the superstar of Drag Queen Story Hour. The Atlanta Contemporary partnered with the Atlanta Pride Committee to share a weekly bedtime story with your babies. Every Thursday at 8 p.m. you can watch the latest story LIVE on Facebook, or head to the Atlanta Contemporary YouTube Channel to see current and past stories whenever the mood strikes you. Fabulous!


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