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The end of days looks to be the beginning of a promising career for Stephanie Kolpy.

“Mythos for the Mortal,” her solo show at Wm Turner Gallery through April 17, envisions the apocalypse in paintings and silver point drawings inspired by Christian dogma, environmental portents, personal experience, art history and philosophy.

Stephanie Kolpy's "The Last Tipping"

Pick your poison. In some works, Kolpy envisions a parched and barren landscape. In others, she limns a world overcome by water or torn up by rampaging  cyclones.

A third group suggests a takeover by an unseen cosmic-size force, which clears away the detritus of civilization by dropping, say, a bus into the crater of a mountain-turned-wastebasket. Kolpy often represents these scenes as cutaways, like an ant farm in a terrarium.

Animals are few. Humans are gone, though the white clapboard houses that perch precariously near a chasm or float like a penguin on an ice floe in a vast blue sea could be stand-ins.

Kolpy's "She Is Gone"

The silverpoint drawings, which range from small details to large panoramic views, are the most memorable. Kolpy, who recently earned an MFA at Georgia State University, loosens a sure naturalism with a sometimes quavering line.

The effect feels like William Blake, simultaneously sophisticated and innocent, the product of an artist possessed by her imagination.

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