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Whitney Stansell has earned attention for evocative line drawings whose innocent storybook style both belies and accentuates the painful personal history behind them. Though Stansell does not limit herself to autobiography, her grandfather’s stint in prison and its impact on the family clearly has a hold on her imagination.

Micah Stansell, who has just received a Working Artist Project grant from the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, makes videos and video installations that combine elusive plots, artful imagery and experiments in perception and cognition.

Husband and wife, they are also an artistic duo. They work together on the videos. More importantly, they share concerns — narrative, time and memory among them — and content: Micah has often drawn inspiration from Whitney’s family history.

You can see the dynamic at work in “Past. Perfect. Continuous” at Whitespace. The show is built around one of Whitney’s family stories, which the artists have addressed in their respective media, each reacting to, and influencing, the other as they went without sacrificing their individuality. No one can see inside another couple’s marriage, but their first joint exhibition suggests that the Stansells’ artistic relationship is one of mutual support, stimulation and respect for each other’s personhood.

You can read my full review in the AJC.

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